Die Cut Boxes

Die-cut boxes are created with a special type of “cutter” that allows for a specific pattern with holes to be cut out of a flat sheet. There are different reasons for the holes, for example allowing for ventilation or having a shape other than a plain square box.


Single, double, or tri-wall refers to the amount of corrugated walls a box has. A tri-wall box is much stronger than a single-wall box and is most likely to be used for heavy duty products.

3-Colour Printing

We can do 3-colour printing on our white or brown packaging according to each client’s needs, whether it is a logo, instructions, or a warning.


RSC (Regular Slotted Carton) · AFTM (All Flaps To Meet) · FOLF (Fully Over-Lapping Flaps) This is the “normal” type of square or rectangular box. It is often used when people are moving house.

Fillers & Pads

We use fillers and pads inside of packaging to give it extra strength, or to prevent the products from breaking or moving around.

Litho Full Colour Printing

If a client requires it, we also offer full color printing with a glossy finish, although this is not done in-house.

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