We do not promise more than we can deliver, but we always strive to deliver more than we promise.

Our corrugated packaging is designed to be cost effective and to add value to your product, protecting it from the elements and keeping it safe during shipping. We serve a wide array of industries, including but not limited to; Display, Food, Medical, Light Industrial, Metal, Heavy Duty, Building, Agricultural and Cold Storage

Each industry has their own unique set of challenges we try to overcome with our packaging. We consider each product we create packaging for individually – the amount, the size, and the shipping – in order to create packaging fit for purpose. We create custom products according to client briefs, measuring the products, and providing the client with a sample. Once the client is happy and signs off the design, we start the manufacturing process.

We always try to accommodate all of the needs a client might have, addressing all their concerns and ensuring that we provide them with the best possible solution.


3-Colour Printing

We can do 3-colour printing on our white or brown packaging according to each client’s needs, whether it is a logo, instructions, or a warning.

Fillers & Pads

We use fillers and pads inside of packaging to give it extra strength, or to prevent the products from breaking or moving around.

Litho Full Colour Printing

If a client requires it, we also offer full colour printing with a glossy finish, although this is not done in-house.

Die Cut Boxes

Die-cut boxes are created with a special type of “cutter” that allows for a specific pattern with holes to be cut out of a flat sheet. There are different reasons for the holes, for example allowing for ventilation or having a shape other than a plain square box.


Single, double, or tri-wall refers to the amount of corrugated walls a box has. A tri-wall box is much stronger than a single-wall box and is most likely to be used for heavy duty products.


RSC (Regular Slotted Carton) · AFTM (All Flaps To Meet) · FOLF (Fully Over-Lapping Flaps) This is the “normal” type of square or rectangular box. It is often used when people are moving house.


Arothene Rolls

Cushion Craft

Bubble Wrap

Corrugated SFK Rolls

Polystyrene Chips

Pallet Wrap

Gum Tape Rolls

Box Tape Rolls

Box Tape Dispenser